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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 11, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> eric: hold on to these. >> dana: that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. have a great weekend. bye-bye. ♪ >> gregg: we begin this hour with a fox news alert. we are awaiting the results from the cpac, conservative political action conference, very important among conservatives. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: welcome, i am heather childers. the political action conference wrapping up in washington, d.c. and the straw poll could shape what has been very unpredictable race. a win for romney could be what he is looking for. a santorum on the other hand could add more momentum to his campaign after his three victories on tuesday.
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doug mckelway has the very latest. exciting day, doug. >> reporter: good evening to you. we know that the voting closed down at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. we know that the votes have been tabulated. the official results are expected to be released at 4:15. very good chance that fox news will get a heads up and i've got my blackberry ready to go if it comes in. we'll bring it in to you as it happens. while the crowd is waiting, they were entertained by one of the most impressive speakers, impressive by the crowd reaction. he is not a united states citizen but she british citizen by the name of daniel hannon. he implored this crowd that the united states is the last bastion of limited government and he implored them not to go down the path of the european
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union. >> what about theory, that president obama was born in kenya. no way he was plainly born in brussels. by this administration, it's not on random initiatives. they amount to a comprehensive policy of europeanization. >> reporter: not everybody agrees with him. the cpac convention was greeted by occupy protestors outside the grounds of the hotel here today, crowd of 50 or 60, many of them shouting at fox news. they disbanded and went away. keynote speeches by sarah palin gets underway at 4:30. they will be watching her if she offers an endorsement but she has been offering support to newt gingrich and her husband has been campaigning but she has
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not offered a official endorsement. we're awaiting for the results of straw poll. >> heather: keep that blackberry handy. thanks very much. we'll check back with you. >> gregg: no matter who wins the cpac straw poll the contest is from far from over. it's been a wild race, momentum swings, each claiming victories. despite all of fox news poll shows 49% of republican voters looking for somebody else to jump into the race. what does state about g.o.p. chances about taking back the white house? jessica brady joins us staff call writer for roll call. is it your sense that voters may be fickle these days? >> certainly you have trying out different outfits.
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there was michele bachmann, chris christie, newt gingrich, everybody seems to come back to mitt romney. then they'll look for someone else. now it's santorum but again, mitt romney is the one that leading in the polls consistently and match-up against president obama. >> gregg: so he is in your judgment sheet leading contender. he probably actually one fewer states but he has more delegates? >> that is true. looking to super tuesday, obviously he has got his eye on some of the big prices such as ohio. >> gregg: what about gingrich and santorum, are they still voting the vote? >> it makes it easier for governor romney to have the two fight. >> gregg: and ron paul? >> definitely. and which tells mitt romney that you are seeing in cbac he is trying to win the conservatives who have been skeptical of him
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going back since 2008. >> gregg: is a pro tracked primary good or bad? >> i have had republicans make indicates it helps barack obama in his contentious primary with hillary clinton and that helped him. now, we're seeing in the polls this pro tracked primary is pulling down the g.o.p. brand name. in a new abc "washington post" poll, president obama is leading governor romney. >> gregg: another poll up on the screen, people regard mitt romney as the guy who has the credentials but look at this. he is also regarded as the republican presidential candidate with the best case against barack obama. what do you think of that? >> i think that certainly any republican candidate is going to try to go after barack obama four years in office. they will make it a mandate what he has done as president.
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mitt romney very much we've all seen him talk about what he he did in the state of massachusetts. healthcare reform plan, saving the olympics, his success in business. he wants to be the outsider that non-washington entity that is the best match-up against the president. obama campaign is looking to make this a focus on their candidate, excuse me their opponent. they would love to make it an issue of mitt romney and his tenure at bain capital. what he did. >> gregg: ten states up for grabs on super tuesday, how do you see that happening? >> between now and then, governor romney is going to definitely play hard in the primaries. arizona and michigan, he needs those wins to regain some of the momentum he lost from south carolina. then going into super tuesday, you'll see him play hard in ohio. you can say look, i took a state that is going to be crucial
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swing state in the general election against barack obama. there are ten states like you said. some of the them are in the south. we'll probably see gingrich get some of those. santorum is making newt gingrich make him run for his money and he is doing well in some of the southern states because of the evangelical voters. we could see super tuesday, ten dates coming off the primary season. >> gregg: michele bachmann was examined, rick perry and then newt gingrich up and downed. has rick santorum been examined yet? >> it could be wrong, i don't believe he has released his tax returns. that will be interesting. some republicans that i know from capitol hill, you know rick santorum is running the same campaign he ran in 2006 when he lost his own senate reelection campaign. i'm not sure the story line has been told necessarily. it's become more and more part
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of the conversation. >> gregg: there have been a couple of missteps. i'm thinking of one controversy in particular but also his stance on earmarks. he was a huge protector of earmarks? >> right. we're seeing that mitt romney make that an issue, aren't we? he has had his missteps, his comments about women serving in the military he had to clean up. the question has been with santorum, does his campaign sort of the infrastructure and wherewithal to manage the hype that is surrounds it. he has to deal with that issue right now. >> gregg: and this year it's back loaded instead of front loaded. primaries, most of them, are at the end of season so the front end and winner take all after april 1st and not so before
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that. that makes a huge difference, doesn't it? >> oh, definitely. the thing i think is so interesting we saw in 2008 and now, longer primaries sort of political junkie, you learn more about the process and how interesting it is and each of the states, their different way of doing things. it will be more interesting how the campaigns adjust to it. again, he hasn't -- >> if ron paul comes out the winner today, what does it mean for him? >> he'll get a temporary bounce absolutely. but remember, governor romney won in it 2008 and he didn't end up being the nominee. it's not necessarily that guarantees any positive outcome beyond that. >> gregg: jessica brady, thank you very much for being with us.
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>> heather: fox news alert. new video come out of syria as the syrian regime presses on with a bloody crackdown, security forces hammering the city of homs. and assassinating an army general in the capital damascus. at least seven have been killed in the city of homs. hundreds more killed, 6,000 people since march. u.s. state department repeatedly saying that the u.s. will not intervene and sevlt lawmakers including john mccain are calling for action. the growing crackdown in syria can be blamed or can it be blamed on the u.n. for failing to get its act together?
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we'll talk about that a little later in the show. also in the middle east, iran saying that it is days away from unveiling major nuclear achievements. mahmoud ahmadinejad making that announcement marking the iranian revolution. he did not elaborate what they may have accomplished. he also saying that he is willing to restart talks with western powers. right now, the u.s. and allies are imposing tough new sanctions on iran trying to convince the regime to open up its secretive nuclear program to more international scrutiny. >> gregg: california police acting on tips from a convicted killer uncovering a second set of remains this time partial skull of teenage girl death row inmate and accomplice convicted
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in a string of drug fueled killings in the 1980s and 1990s. they were known as the speed freak killers. a bounty hunter has been prompting him to draw maps where the victims' bodies were dumped. >> he sent me a map, there are 12 bodies in this well. now, they are starting to pay attention up to then, he was lying about all this. >> police also searching a well close to the site where remains were found. he says his accomplice who killed himself buried as many as ten bodies there. >> heather: hundreds of mourners gathering at tacoma washington church to say goodbye charlie two young boys that were murdered by their father. josh powell is also the only person in the disappearance of the boy's mother susan more than two years ago.
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casey stegall is live in los angeles with the latest. >> good to see you. pastor making it clear at this service that today was not about the adults or any sort of police investigation and it was not about assigning blame. instead was about celebrating the two precious lives that were cut tragically short last weekend. seven-year-old charlie powell and five-year-old brayden powell as two boys who loved the outdoors, were thrilled to work alongside their mother in her garden and valued the importance of god. the remains placed in the same casket that lay adorn with flowers of the life center church outside of seattle earlier as children's choir sang amazing grace. the grandfather speaking with his wife by his side. >> charlie, we were privileged
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to provide support for. all their teachers, their social workers, the police everyone was doing everything they possibly could to keep them safe and to help them and love them. >> reporter: now the boys were living with their maternal grandparents because their father, josh powell lost custody of them. the visits with josh were supposed to be supervised but charlie and brayden ran ahead of her when they arrived at his home and once they were inside the house, josh powell slammed the door in her face and locked it. moments later she called 911 and then the explosion. josh powell is the sole suspect in his wife's disappearance. susan went disappearing two years ago in utah.
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he said he took the boys on an overnight camping trip. no formal charges were filed because they simply did not have enough evidence in this case. >> heather: how could a father do that to his two young sons? we appreciate it. >> gregg: the stunning new videotaped of the captain of the costa concordia camera showing his reaction just moments after the cruise ship hit the rocks what the video revealed and the national geographic on the scene. brand-new video coming up next. >> then the lights went out. that is when everybody started screaming. >> my hands and feet went cold immediately. >> people started to get really panicked. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor.
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>> gregg: fox news alert. any moment we may get the results of the conservative political action conference, cpac, what do you know about that, doug? >> reporter: we're waiting on pins and needles, we were supposed to get the word at 4:15. it may be delayed. because they didn't want to
4:20 pm
interrupt the speech right now. we shut should be getting it any minute. we do know that the crowd is waiting for the arrival of sarah palin. she will be delivering a keynote speech. a lot of speculation about whether sarah palin would endorse any of the republican presidential candidates. we got an indication that perhaps she won't based upon an interview she gave a little while ago with the "new york times." quoting from the "new york times" an article says sarah palin said are the saturday that republicans should be in no hurry to wrap-up the dominating contest until the august convention in tampa would not complicated the efforts to defeat president obama. okay, i got the results here. are you ready? okay. mitt romney won the cpac straw poll. also rick santorum as the top choice of conservatives nationwide.
4:21 pm
romney won 38% of the straw poll votes, 3408 that gathered here for the convention. mr. santorum was second at 31%. newt gingrich was third. ron paul who won last year fourth with 12%. so there you have it. a bit of a surprise given the momentum that rick santorum had coming into the convention with three victories. mitt romney pulls off a victory at cpac gathering. gregg, back to you. >> gregg: 38% for romney, 31%, 13% nor newt gingrich, do i have those figures right. >> 38% for mitt romney, 31% for rick santorum, 13% for newt gingrich? >> that is correct. >> ron paul gets?
4:22 pm
>> 15% for gingrich and 12% for paul which may very well be mitigated by what paul does in maine this afternoon. >> gregg: how important is this, doug? >> reporter: it's hard to say. it's important to the people who are gathered in this hall. there have been something like 10,000 people that attended the three-day convention. whether it's translates into votes remains to be seen. best guesstimate might come from last year, ron paul won big here last year. he didn't bother to show up at the convention this year. he elected to campaign elsewhere. he apparently didn't think it was important to court this crowd. the fact he would not elect to be here given it's time frame, this is occurring at a crucial stage in the republican nosmgt
4:23 pm
process with super tuesday less than a month away, it's curious, that he didn't think was very important. >> gregg: mitt romney wins the cpac poll, 38% of vote. rick santorum, 31%. gingrich 15%, paul, 12% and there are what? he got 3408 of the votes. that is 38% for mitt romney. did he campaign for this? ron paul in years past has always had a very strong organization there at cpac. what about mitt romney? >> you could not detect it in the crowd here. just from peruse ago and seeing the people that were here. i was here last year and how organized ron poul paul was here. you could see that with the lines of people cuing up to get signatures from his book and to meet him.
4:24 pm
there were a lot of college aged young people at that time by the hundreds if not thousands lined up in the corridors of this very big hotel to meet ron paul. he was very well organized. i didn't sense anybody had that kind of organization this year. i perhaps more rick santorum signs than any other but you couldn't defect a trend. rick santorum received a very warm welcome when he spoke yesterday. mitt romney did, too. i couldn't detect any trend one way or the other. >> heather: there have been allegations in the past perhaps stuffing the ballot box so to speak with paul supporters. was anything done differently this year in how the votes were cast? also what does it speak to in terms of conservative credibility of romney he has
4:25 pm
been searching for? >> i think it helps to bolster romney's conservative credential the fact that he could come here and wow this kind of crowd says a lot to conservative cause here. this is a crowd where all conservatives are welcome. so you have the libertarian link the fiscal wing of the party and social conservative wing of the party. some of the people here are all of the above. some are unique and none of the above but fact he could pull off a victory here again speaks to his conservative credentials. i heard on a radio interview on thursday morning first day of the convention here, from chairman of the american conservative union speaking very highly of mitt romney. saying the only thing he lacked
4:26 pm
and his only liability is he happened to be a republican governor in one of the most liberal state of the union. so his record is going subject to a lot of criticism because of the compromises he had to make with liberal legislature in the state of massachusetts. >> gregg: it's interesting that he ran four years ago, mitt romney as sort of a conservative candidate as opposed to john mccain. this year he was really trying to emphasize that he was the conservative and apparently by that vote, 38% of the vote for mitt romney, 31% for rick santorum, he seems to have achieved his goal. what about newt gingrich. at 15%? >> reporter: that is an important point you make. mitt romney, if he is the presumed nominee, too early to say that yet, if he is the ultimate nominee. he has to walk that tight rope of catering to crowds like this
4:27 pm
and catering to the huge pool of independent voters who has become somewhat disenfranchise with president obama. you can't cater to that group to social conservatives. he had to walk that tight rope and so far, judging from the results here today, he appears to be doing just that. >> heather: i think this does speak well of santorum and his supporters, as well. they will say this is continuing his momentum and they will consider this a wing. >> gregg: i want to ask you. gingrich, some people said, was a little flat when he delivered his all important speech before cpac. what is your sense of it? >> my sense is probably was a little flat. talking to a lot of people around here, you don't hear tremendous enthusiasm for newt gingrich. you don't see a lot of gingrich signs. i think because there is a large number of social conservatives
4:28 pm
here that the issue of his personal life rings power any with some of them. in may be on the awkward side. but i didn't sense any great enthusiasm for newt gingrich here. >> gregg: we have heard that, marital inif i delts, plural and marriages, plural and divorces have been a problem for him at cpac. thanks very much. he wins the poll. conservative police action conference every year. you know conservatives pay close attention to this. heather, 31% for rick santorum, 15% just half of santorum's vote. ron paul 12%. he has won in the past. >> heather: past two or three
4:29 pm
years. yeah. so we'll see what happens after this. one thing is for sure, the up and down momentum of the campaign continues. >> gregg: mitt romney wins the straw poll. away be right back with more news. drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in.
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>> gregg: new questions raised about the united nations after its failure to pass a resolution condemning violence in syria. some analysts say the collapse of diplomacy is giving a syrian regime to intensify it's crackdown. can the u.n. be blamed to this? aaron miller, thank you so much for being with us. is the argument that the united nations is irrelevant organization being underscored by this? >> it's not irrelevant.
4:34 pm
like libya, it was failed to come up with a con census better approach. with chinese and russians blocking the consensus, the notion that anybody is going to go alone is highly unlikely. unfortunately, gregg, i think it's going to get worse before it gets worse. that is going to result in some bloody outcomes and bad option forces the united states and for the administration. >> gregg: what are the options? what will it take to get assad out? >> everybody is hoping -- everyone is hoping for an inside job, a cabal, a joint cooperation basically to take bashir, and the brother and some members of the ruling reheat out and literally take them out. that is not likely to happen. so the options i think are pretty grim. tightened sanctions. you might create humanitarian
4:35 pm
corridors, safe areas but that would require the turks, probably the arabs to probing oe protect them. one option people don't want to talk about is clandestine, lethal and non-lethal support to the opposition. that is what nato did in libya. there are compelling reasons to give the syrian opposition the means to fight this. it would involve literally supply lines through turkey, maybe across the lebanese border to the opposition and to give them the kinds of weapons that are required to amount a more serious resistance. we don't know who we are supporting. you are like litigation li to fuel what is beginning to look to me like a full-blown civil war. >> gregg: how do you diffuse
4:36 pm
iran's participation in this in support of damascus? >> broader question is, how do you create an opportunity to use the syrian model to weaken iranians? no better way do that is bring down assad but you are left with the same problem. this could go on for quite some time. you have a regime that is determined to survive. like sam adams in the 18th century, these guys are going to separately but they have chosen to hang together. >> gregg: what grade do you give the obama administration? >> in this one, they are virtue out of necessity. we don't want to own syria and we don't need to own another arab country. it's hard to look at the picture. but the last thing we need is american military involvement, another conflict. it's a lot easier to get in to.
4:37 pm
>> so it's got to be covert and sub rosa. >> and to share the burden and share the responsibility and ultimately to share the reality that the syrians are going to have to piece their own country together with a lot of help from the international community. >> gregg: aaron david miller, thank you very much for being with us. >> heather: stunning new video of at captain of costa concordia. cameras showing his reaction moments after the cruise ship hit the rocks. what the video reveals and national geographic channel about a moving documentary. >> the lights went out, that is when everybody started screaming. >> high hands and feet went cold immediately. >> people started to get really panicked. the employee of the month isss...
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>> heather: for the first time a look inside the deadly costa concordia cruise ship disaster. cameras were rolling in the bridge as the captain hit the rock and passengers scrambled to escape. survivors are sharing their stories for a new special. >> we ran through the ship that was dangerous angle, holding on to railing, screaming. that was at the point i started to panic and freak out because i didn't know if i was going to be lifeboat or how we were going to get off. it was terrifying. >> at 12:42 a.m., more than a hundred passengers remain on board. threw bu there is one unlikely person who has made it off the concord yeah, the ship's
4:43 pm
captain. >> executive vice president of the national geographic champ. we were on the set date after it happened. some of the initial reports, people talked about their experience. it was terrifying. huabt go, unreal, really surreal some of my impressions. i want to know what your impressions are having put this together and what you hope to accomplish from the documentary? >> we heard those accounts as well at national geographic. when you heard them in little bits, they were terrifying, but when you put them in one whole story, it's really an unusual occurrence to see a disaster as it happens from the point of view of the people who were the victims. it is chilling. it is like being on the titanic, not of the same scope but the
4:44 pm
idea you have the first person accounts and home video of the sinking. you really get a sense what it was like to be there. it is truly frightening for these people. some people made it to lifeboats and others had to swim in icy cold water. of course they never anticipated doing that. >> heather: there were 3200 passengers on board, 1,000 crew members. let's take a listen to one of their passengers as the ship sank. >> drastically lifting ship exposes a fatal flaw. supporting lifeboats, deploying lifeboats become dangerous if not impossible. >> it was going to hit the aside of the balcony. >> heather: what were those passengers saying about the ship's captain? >> they just told the story of
4:45 pm
how the ship's crew didn't seem to think this was important. they thought it was an electrical blackout where or they thought was routine emergency. they told them to go back to their cabins. they are perplexed. they just don't know what to believe. some of them said it was like a bad dream. they are just getting out of it now. >> heather: along with the firsthand accounts and cellphone footage you include some sort of reenactment as to what happened to the ship itself? >> we do a cgi mockup of how the gash may have happened along the bottom. nobody knows exactly for sure. there san investigation going on right now. but the gash shows that the water came in to the bottom. the ship begin to list. the passengers saw it happen in some cases before the crew told
4:46 pm
them anything about it. their firsthand accounts in this documentary show that the passengers sometimes were ahead of the game. they said we're very close to land, something is wrong here. in the national geographic account of this, you get a complete picture of what happened. from the beginning to the end. >> heather: i think we have 30 seconds left. any true stories of heroism, as well? >> there were people that managed to get to the lifeboats which was amazing. the people had to swim, you forget how difficult that can be. the water was freezing cold. they had to jump from a certain level into the water and swim in. i think individual heroism, there are are a lot of couples that were going on anniversaries. it certainly is an occasion they'll never forget. >> heather: we'll definitely tune in. look forward to seeing this. make sure to tune in for italian
4:47 pm
cruise ship disaster the untold story, it premieres 7 p.m. eastern on the national geographic channel. >> gregg: let's go live to cpac, threw see sarah palin delivering what i think is the closing address to the conservative political action conference in washington, d.c. very for the presidential straw poll mitt romney has won it. we just learned that minutes ago. 71% for rick santorum, gingrich, 15%. 23% for ron paul. if you want to -- 12% for ron paul. it is streaming live on by the way we're also keeping an eye on the state of maine. caucus there and they have been caucusing for several days and will continue but we'll get the results of the maine caucuses in just a few minutes.
4:48 pm
we'll be right back. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, if your car is totaled, we give you the mone for a car one model year newer. liberty mutual auto insurance.
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>> heather: new reaction to an obama administration decision to back off a controversial healthcare mandate. white house reversing a rule that would have forced some catholic institutions to provide
4:52 pm
birth control in their healthcare plan, some religious leaders don't think it's enough. fox news contributor, jehmu greene. thank you all. sally nice, for the first time on the panel. >> what is your take on this? >> look. i think the president made a smart move here. he said look i'm willing to compromise. we have to balance throughout our history. religious freedom with individual liberty. he pushed the religious extremist to take even a more extremist viewpoint which is out of step with most americans. most women use contraception and most of these religious institutions, hospitals and universities, a lot of them already provide contraception under preexisting rules.
4:53 pm
>> heather: and concerned about compromised or concerned about political votes? >> he is concerned about self-preservation is law of nature. he is a great politician. three states, florida, hispanic vote and ohio and pennsylvania. he doesn't want to alienate those voters and they polled how they thought. bottom line this would have been a bad political move for the obama administration to stake with the statd quo. >> i can sum it up in three words, war on women. we about a war on religion. when you look at the fact that birth control, contraception is healthcare, someone who took oral contraceptives i know this. and 60% of women use it for medical reasons they know it. but now they don't want us to have birth control. they don't want us fighting on the front lines like in the war
4:54 pm
of iraq. they don't want moms breastfeeding in stores. the political message is going to be. women voters as they did in 2008 supported obama as any president has ever seen. >> i think the women voters are going to not going to support the president if they don't have a job. >> that is economy. >> let's talk about the healthcare. healthcare issue, i understand that, but you can't force a religious organization to give contraceptives. >> you don't have to go to the religious organization. >> you making an argument from last week. the president said, okay, i'm going to make a compromise here. >> again, this is about balancing. look, what i don't understand,
4:55 pm
conservatives want to protect individual choices unless they don't like the individual choices they want americans to make. and when there are certain laws -- >> the reality is you health insurer, plants that include contraception are cheaper than the ones that don't. >> why do we put so much emphasis on this process. number one, our constitution and mandate, these organizations give contraception, force them to. >> economy is doing better. >>. >> let's talk about one important issue, marco rubio introduced a bill in the senate that would allow, he is not by
4:56 pm
the way far right extremist but a republican that would allow any employer to claim a religious excuse not to buy contraception. look, santorum has come out about contraception and romney has come out. [ talking over each other ] >> rubio is -- >> it's been a very busy day news wise. you were fired up but we'll have you all three back. gregg? feisty! speaking of which. we have two hours of politics coming up. the main republican caucuses keeping an eye on the final hours of that contest. stick around. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment.
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>> gregg: hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. >> heather: i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's headquarters. topping the news, maine's first week long caucuses set to wrap up 30 minutes from now. we expect to get the results less than an hour later. meanwhile, we do have the results of this cpac presidential straw poll. the latest developments straight ahead. >> gregg: and a manhunt now
5:01 pm
underway, washington state. police searching for a suspect in a triple murder in north spokane. we're learning now about the horrendous crime. >> brian: iran's president saying a big announcement regarding his nation's nuclear program is days away. the statement coming and tension in the middle east grows by the day. did ahmadinejab tip his hand on what we should expect? >> gregg: the next word in the republican race for the white house about to be handed out. the polls close this 30 minutes in maine's week long caucuses. not long after, we'll be getting the results. the four job gop contenders all on the ballot. there they are. but only mitt romney and ron paul actually campaigned aggressively there. romney looking to end his recent losing streak. ron paul is looking for his very first win. molly line joins us now.
5:02 pm
what are gop leaders telling you? >> they're telling me there is a lot of excitement in maine, that they're having a great time being in the national spotlight. that's not always expected here for this state. but because the race for the nomination has turned into a dog fight, here we are. the eyes are on maine. they're excited to release their results later tonight. they also believe here that the contest is really between two of the candidates. mitt romney and congressman ron paul because of the fact they spent time here. mitt romney makes his first visit to the state yesterday, hold ago town hall. he won here in 2008. garnering 52s% of the vote. ron paul came in third in 2008. romney kept his organization strong here. they believe they have that ground work that they laid in previous years. showed support for other republican candidates and made visits in that time and hope that will carry them to a victory tonight. ron paul has a big contingent of supporters. this is a caucus state. this is one of the type of
5:03 pm
states that his campaign paid attention to. they've done a lot of phoning and focused on college kids. it will be really interesting to see if all of those efforts pay off tonight. >> gregg: what did the caucus goers have to say? >> it's always great to talk to the people that actually get out and show up. we were out today talking with some of these caucus goes. it was snowing. everybody showed up anyway. but only 5,500 people actually participated in the 2008 caucuses. we're waiting on the numbers from this one. that's a tiny percentage of the registered republicans here in the state of maine. there are over 270,000 registered republicans right now in the state of maine. it's a small portion of people that are having an impact. here is what some of them had to say. >> i'm leaning toward rick santorum, but i really like the way newt gingrich gets into your face. i really like that. we need somebody like that. >> i am going to be voting for santorum because of his ethics, his integrity, his -- a love of
5:04 pm
things he stands for, i stand for. >> well, i supported romney in 2008, so i continue to do so because i think he best represents my values. he's a conservative republican. he's family, he believes in family values. i think that's very important today. >> you can hear the cheers popping up behind her. ron paul made a stop at that caucus location today. we spoke with a lot of his supporters as well. one of them telling me they felt he was the most consistent and most honest candidate that hadn't changed positions over many years. so there's a wide swath of people. it was toes find someone who supported all of them. >> gregg: molly, thanks very much. >> heather: very exciting day politically. activists at the conservative political action conference in washington making it clear who they want for president.
5:05 pm
mitt romney taking the top spot at the 2012 cpac straw poll. rick santorum coming in second. 31%. ron paul trailed behind with only 15%. and 12% respectively. >> gregg: there is a new report coming out detailing president obama's 2013 budget proposal. planning to release it on monday. the president reportedly will be asking congress to devote millions to a new trade enforcement center and adding more u.s. inspectors in china because the administration is taking direct aim at unfair trade practices. this according to a white house official speaking anonymously. >> heather: president obama this week announcing his plan to allow struggling homeowners to refinance. for the first time, it will allow borrowers current on their payment to reduce their interest rate. but not everyone is convinced that it will help speed up the
5:06 pm
recovery and rebuild the housing market. doug has the latest on that. >> joe and liza of centerville, virginia are considering president obama's latest program to aid homeowners. the plan is designed to allow millions more americans to refinance mortgages at a lower rate. >> it will drop our monthly principle and interest down 250 to $300 a month. >> it ex tends all homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments, even those that are worth less than outstanding balance. >> we know working families are looking to refinance. they may live in areas with high foreclosure rates or fico may have been impaired, but they are good risk, hard working citizens and they would tap into this immediately. >> critics say it has flaws. it would be paid for by add ago fee to monthly mortgage payments and adding a tax on large banks which republicans long opposed. >> the banks, as you know, are struggling. they're trying to figure out
5:07 pm
what dodd frank means to them, and they're being asked, i believe, to come up with 5 billion to $10 billion to help subsidize this program and you have to wonder whether really what's going on. >> that banks tax would be imposed on top of the $25 billion settlement announced thursday that five large banks agreed to pay out after being sued for foreclosure abuses. they believe the program will not only help them save money, but help preserve home values in their neighborhood. >> i personally know there are several foreclosures in my neighborhood and those foreclosures affect the price of my house. we'd be much better off and the house market would improve if the government would unwind some of its efforts to get into the middle of the housing market. >> the market will correct. it will heal itself and heal itself quicker if they withdraw from their interference. >> it requires the approval of congress. but they are in no hurry to act because so many other efforts
5:08 pm
failed. fox news. >> gregg: the manhunt is on for a suspect in the triple murder in spokane, washington. police discovering the bodies of a woman and two children inside their home. investigators not releasing their identities, but they do say the suspect lived with the victims. one officer on the scene described the situation as a possible case of domestic abuse. >> heather: also in washington state, funeral services for two little boys as police are releasing fresh details about the powell family tragedy. char complete braden powell laid to rest today. they are the sons of missing utah woman susan powell. the boys killed sunday in a fire deliberately set by their father, josh. and now police uncovering new clues. casey stegall live with more. a very emotional service. >> absolutely. hundreds of mourners packed that
5:09 pm
church just outside of seattle a little earlier. they're wearing purple ribbons, standing in solidarity to remember the two little boys who died at their father's hands about one week ago last sunday. the remains of the powell brothers placed in the very same cass at the time. 7-year-old charlie powell's kindergarten teacher calling him a curious little kid who loved nature and spending time with his family. five-year-old braden powell's preschool instructor eulogizing him as a boy who was full of live and loved nothing more than gardening with his mother. their grandfather, the father of susan powell, their missing mother, saying his family has heard from people all over the globe in the wake of this tragedy and wanted to thank each and every one of them. >> we wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your support, your prayers, your love. it helps us to be strong and helps us to know that there are good people in the world, good
5:10 pm
people to fight against evil. >> the boys had been staying with their maternal grandparents because their father, josh powell, lost custody of them in the fall. heather. >> heather: casey, what is the listest with the investigation -- latest with the investigation? >> there are many layers to it and a lot of details have come out in the last week. remember that the powells used to live in utah. that is where susan went missing two years ago. josh powell claimed that his wife vanished from their home while he was with a camping trip, overnight camping trip with the boys. he eventually took the kids and moved to washington state. that case was obviously never closed, but authorities say without a body, they never had sufficient evidence to prosecute anyone, though it remained an active investigation and her husband was the sole suspect. now police in washington state say that they recovered a blanket from josh powell's storage unit that had traces of blood on it, but it has been sent off to a lab for further
5:11 pm
testing and confirmation. of course, only other than closure for the families, it's essentially a moot point if he was indeed responsible for his wife's death because we know that josh powell also died on sunday in that explosion, heather. >> heather: we know he was responsible for the deaths of his two young sons. barely look at that video of josh powell walking there. thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> gregg: extreme weather alert now, a reminder for people in parts of the country who have been enjoying all this mild weather. it's still winter. snow and frigid temperatures. there are some of the pictures blanketing states from maine to west virginia. not over yet. meteorologist maria molina in the fox weather center. >> hi, gregg. we're looking at very unsettled weather all across the east. that's due to a large storm system that's strengthening offshore. because it's enough offshore, we're not looking at significant snowfall accumulations across
5:12 pm
parts of the corridor, boston maybe an inch or it out there. new york city, nothing on the ground. we are going to see is lake effect snow picking up in intensity as tonight and into sunday. that's where we will be looking at those significant snowfall accumulations. otherwise temperatures are going to be a lot cooler behind that front. 35 will be your high in boston and expect those temperatures to continue to plummet as we head into the overnight hours. because of the snow that we are going to see downwind of the lakes as well as across parts of the higher elevations of west virginia, down in through kentucky, we do have a number of winter weather advisories and storm warnings in effect until your sunday morning. so keep that in mind. across extreme eastern portions of maine, you could pick up up to six to ten inches of snow due to that storm system. again, the ones shaded in blue is where you could be looking at over a half foot of snow. around buffalo, you're talking about up to a foot of snow possible. we're going to also be tracking later on as we head into the workweek, monday and tuesday,
5:13 pm
new storm system from the west that will head east and dump some snow across parts of the central plains. gregg, back to you. >> gregg: maria molina, back to you. >> heather: snow flurries in new york city this morning. guess you could call them flurries. scary situation for a group of wisconsin fishermen to tell you about. seven men, one child stranded in the middle of a freezing river. they were riding atv's when a chunk of ice broke off and drifted hundreds of feet from shore. rescue crews reached the group by launching two air boats and a helicopter. >> we got out of the shack and looked and seen there was water there. >> this was a very difficult rescue due to the fact that we have the ice floes, the other closing in on top of us. >> did an excellent job. >> heather: here is how it ended. everyone made it back to shore safely. the sheriff's department says the near death experience should serve as a warning to others.
5:14 pm
>> gregg: turning now overseas, amateur videotape capturing new scenes of slaughter in syria. take a look at these, unconfirmed images emerging, military assault leaving 70 people death in the last 12 hours alone. the violence reaching the capital where a top syrian general has been assassinated outside his home. world affairs contributor dominic is in lebanon and joins us on the phone. what can you tell us? >> i think the attack on that high ranking officer in damascus will spook the assad government. >> gregg: we apologize. just as we tossed to dominic, we lost the phone transmission and will try to catch him a bit later on in the program. >> heather: meantime, maine's caucuses ending in minutes. one presidential contender
5:15 pm
gaining momentum. but does he have the political infrastructure to keep his national campaign going? the major challenges facing rick santorum. and the creator of star wars under fire from some neighbors who say he's trying to expand an evil empire of his own. what this epic battle is all about. >> gregg: now back to syria. as we reported earlier, more deaths and even more in damascus. want to go back to on the telephone now to dominic dinatale. do you hear us? >> i can certainly hear you, gregg. hopefully you can hear me now. we were talking about how this killing of the high ranking officer in damascus shocked the assad regime there. you have to remember that damascus is tightly controlled by the government there and we -- although we've seen pockets of violence in the city, we haven't seen a killing of someone this senior. it certainly will have caught them -- apparently state media is saying three gunmen firewood
5:16 pm
brig dear general as he left his home and claim he was a doctor and chief of a military hospital nada husband discuss. no one claimed responsibility. it does come 24 hours after two military compounds in the northern city of alepo were attacked and 28 people killed in that attack, according to state media. you were mentioning holmes earlier. big guns being pounding yet again. 40 to 50 people killed in those clashes. it's difficult to confirm these numbers because the syrian government is not allowing foreign media to go in without access. the focus now is very much on the international community and what it plans to do next. right now the saudi arabians have come up with what they think is a solution. it does bear a lot of reaccept lance to -- resystem ambulance o
5:17 pm
the arab league plan. >> gregg: we apologize. we seem to have lost our transmission yet again. you got the gist of the story there. even more deaths in the city of olms, as well as an assassination of a top general in damascus. we'll have more developments a bit later on in the program. we'll be right back. coming up, we'll be talking with judge jeanine pirro, a fascinating story about a man who adopted his girlfriend we'll be right back.
5:18 pm
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>> heather: we expect to learn the winner of the maine caucuses sometime in the next hour. polling just wrapping up. while rick santorum did not focus a lot of his energy in maine, his numbers are climbing. fresh off his wins in missouri, minnesota and colorado, santorum has also jumped ahead of newt gingrich in this latest fox news poll. take a look. despite the sudden surge of momentum, there are plenty of challenges still ahead for his campaign. so let's bring in our political panel. former democratic congressman martin frost from texas and former communications director to dennis hastert.
5:22 pm
thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: what do the numbers mean for rick santorum's campaign? does he have what it takes to go the distance, congressman frost, i will start with you. also, we have to add in, the straw poll that happened. the cpac straw poll. santorum coming in second there today. >> you can't really tell. first of all, the cpac was 62% of the people wanted somebody other than romney. in terms of santorum, he's got the same problem that gingrich had and that he has a thinly funded campaign. we'll see how he does. the interesting thing is he may well emerge as the clear alternative to romney because gingrich is coming over as just a bitter old guy. now, the problem with santorum is he has extreme views and when people start focusing on them, he may not look so good. there was an interview where he was asked what would happen if his daughter were raped, he said he would counsel his daughter to keep the child, not to get an
5:23 pm
abortion. i don't think very many parents would take that view. he also, i saw an interview where he questioned the value of head start and didn't really work. at least pretty far out views. >> heather: congressman frost, he's honest about his views and shares what they are for real, one way or the other. ron, i want to talk to you. you heard congressman frost talk about the money. mitt romney has the money. he and the super pac restore our future, they have spent a combined $25 million on tv ads to date. gingrich, compare that he and his allies spent 7.1 million. santorum backers, 2.5 million. but one of santorum's campaign staffers said this, unpaid volunteer, ron carey, he was santorum's chief advisor in minnesota, he said, quote, we are always going to have a huge spending gap, but money can't buy people's hearts. is that pie in the sky type thinking, it does take money to get the message out. so can he do that, ron?
5:24 pm
>> well, that's the big question. that's a great challenge for santorum. mitt romney decided to skip missouri, minnesota and play very little in colorado. therefore, santorum did very, very well and has gotten this big bounce. the question is, how well can he do in arizona and michigan coming up? obviously in the main caucus, he doesn't have the money or the organization. so he has to go for earned media. he has to win people's hearts like that staffer just said and the big question is, once the romney machine turns on the negative campaign advertising and really exposes santorum's weakness, will he be able to overcome that? will he be able to explain some of the viewpoints that voters don't know quite just yet what they are. >> heather: congressman frost, speaking of michigan and arizona primaries set for february 28, does santorum need to win at least one to continue his momentum? what happens if he doesn't? is his surge over? then is he deemed insignificant and is it then viewed as someone who can only win in states with
5:25 pm
high concentrations of social conservatives? >> i don't think it's over because super tuesday then is the big prize. you have all these states coming up on march 6. no, he'll make it to super tuesday. the interesting thing is about gingrich 'cause gingrich keeps falling in the polls now. i don't mean to be ugly about him, but he really does come over as a bitter old guy at this point. so the question is, santorum is the more presentable of the two, choosing between gingrich and santorum. who knows what's going to happen in these next two races? but everybody who wants to play gets to go to super tuesday. i notice that there was a tennessee poll. one of the southern states where santorum looked like he was doing pretty well. gingrich was counting on winning southern states. >> heather: you keep saying that he's an angry old guy. is that what you said? >> oh, yes. bitter. that's very clear. that's how he comes across. >> heather: just a moment ago, we heard from molly line, one of the caucus goers says that's
5:26 pm
what he likes about newt gingrich. >> i don't think it plays very well publicly. i don't think it plays well in the media. >> heather: he likes that fire. >> there may be some people who like that, but i don't think that's the way of a path to a majority. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us, ron, it has to be the last word. sorry. but we appreciate both of your insight. >> thank you. >> gregg: iran says a big announcement is coming about its nuclear program, not even president ahmadinejab is saying what it is. we'll have details on today's rather cryptic message. and the main caucuses are about to wrap up for the day. we're less than an hour away from getting some of the early results. we'll have the very latest. stick around ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card.
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>> gregg: bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. polls are closed in the first week long round of the maine caucuses. we're now waiting results to
5:31 pm
come within minutes. >> heather: but mitt romney was the big winner of today's cpac straw poll, beating his next closest competitor rick santorum by 7% with newt gingrich and ron paul falling behind. >> gregg: police in northern california uncovering human remains with the help of convicted serial killer william shermanine. the remains have been preliminarily identified as one of his victims. we'll have more on this coming up. >> heather: cryptic message from iranian president ahmadinejab today. he says that his country is days away from a major announcement about his nuclear program. but he stopped short of revealing exactly what it is. peter doocy has the latest. >> on saturday in tehran's square, 30 now iranians got together to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the islamic revolution. when their president, ahmadinejab, addressed the crowd, standing atop a replica of the american drone that
5:32 pm
crashed in his country last year, he said that within the next few days, the world will witness the inauguration of several big new achievements in the nuclear field. you might think that means weapons, but iran's official news agency, irna, insists that the big reveal will deal with scientific application of nuclear know how to the betterment of life standard and augusts level of food and agriculture production. less than a week ago issues the united states laid out new sanctions on iran and on thursday, the state department explained iran's intentions like this. >> they are living in a state where w a government that would rather spend money on a nuclear weapons program than on the people. >> the pentagon is readying 20 of its 30,000-pound bunker buster bombs. they asked for and received $81 million in reallocated money from congress for upgrades to the ordinance penetrates.
5:33 pm
the air force's chief of staff says the orders for the weapons have nothing to do with what's happening in iran and pointing out that the underground facility where they are enriching uranium is out of bunker busting rank of the arab spring marking another anniversary today, precisely one year ago on february 11, egyptian president hosni mubarak announced his resignation, ending his 30-year rule as the citizens of egypt fought their so-called jasmine revolution. cut to a year later and this week's issue of newsweek, take a look issues it includes a cover story investigating the deadly persecution of christians in the middle east. this is one of the few, if only examples, of in-depth coverage of the subject in the main stream media despite extensive coverage of the arab spring happening in this part of the world during the same period a year ago. let's bring in liz to talk about
5:34 pm
this, author and fox news contributor. hi, liz. >> good afternoon. you're so right. one of the really bad pieces of fallout, if you will, from this arab spring is what they're doing to christians. thousands of christians have been killed, hundreds of churches have been burned. the holy land is anything but a holy land anymore as it's almost overwhelmingly muslim. christians are being persecuted. you know, not only does the government not turn any kind of an eye that way, one wonders where the state department and secretary of state clinton are on this, but you don't see the media either. the major media has not touched this, with this one exception, which is the cover story on newsweek. it's written by an interesting author. her name is ayan ali former member of the dutch parliament. a somalian by birth, and she is no longer islamic. but she has a lot to say about
5:35 pm
what fear of the islamic fundamentalism and the political correction that's attached to it has done to a sense of outrage that we should have in the west. >> gregg: you know, i'm glad you brought up her name. we have a picture of her. she's in hiding. >> oh, yes. >> gregg: i met with her two or three years ago at a secret location about a block from here. she had body guards came in and swept the room for explosive devices. she's wanted. and she lives this hiding. she is, i must tell you, one of the most courageous individuals i have ever met, incredibly articulate. she's my hero. >> that she is, won all kinds of awards for exactly what you've outlined. but she is a lone voice. it's really shocking that these
5:36 pm
persecution of christians, what she calls rising genocide and that's what it is, is now occurring at an unbelievable rate. may i read from the article, because it's stringent. she writes the scale and severity of islamaphobia hails in comparison with the christophobia coursing from one end of the globe to the other. conspiracy of silence surrounding this intolerance has to stop. nothing less, the fate of christianity and ultimately of all religious minorities is in the islamic world is at stake. and so there we are. but if any kind of criticism is raised at all, the council on american islamic relation also step in and scare everybody to
5:37 pm
death. so there is no criticism. there is -- look what the dutch did. they had murder committed in their streets. >> gregg: that's exactly what happened to her. >> exactly. >> gregg: as a consequence, the van gogh affair. >> exactly. >> gregg: cameramen and reporters were attacked in egypt and barely escaped. there they are, pictures of them when they were severely injured. lara logan was horribly abused. courageous journalists -- >> irrelevant think the lara logan thing is a completely separate thing. any woman, and i've been in those crowds -- any woman who is going to be in one of those highly passionate crowds in the middle east where islamics are running around yelling allah akbar is taking her life in her hands. the least that can happen to you is that she'll get felt up. so you have to know that going
5:38 pm
in. but i think that's separate from what is happening to christians. they are being sacrificed for their religion. last year in the middle of mass, christmas eve, they came in and with bombs and automatic weapons in iraq -- had is the place we saved, right -- and started murdering people. in fact, iraq is one of the worst offenders when it comes to christians. most of the catholic religious orders have left in fear of their lives. there might be a couple left. but they know that they're doomed if they stay. yet, there is this resounding silence. >> gregg: liz, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> heather: a multi-millionaire polo include founder, adopting his 42-year-old girlfriend. why his teenage children came their father is intentionally committing fraud and making a mockery of the adoption process. and an alliance of neighbors in northern california, they're
5:39 pm
striking back against george lucas' film making empire. their beef with the star wars creator, up next.
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
>> heather: the man who created star wars has a real life battle on his hands. george lucas wants to expand his digital film and media production complex, but there is a group of local homeowners who argue it will create too much noise and traffic and have a negative impact on the environment. but other neighbors, they back lucas' plan, saying he created nature preserves in the area and will attract more jobs and tax revenue. the sides will face off at a
5:44 pm
planning commission meeting later this month. gregg? >> gregg: this is a really weird one. the children of millionaire tycoon john goodman, not the actor -- now demanding a judge throw out their father's latest move to adopt his 42-year-old girlfriend. that's right. goodman is accused of driving drunk in vehicle manslaughter in a deadly accident two years ago. he's being sued. because trust fund for his kids has been deemed off limits by the court. now goodman's children say his girlfriend's adoption is a fraud designed to shield some of his assets. okay. are you confused? so am i. so is judge jeanine pirro. >> no, not really. >> gregg: never confused. host of "justice" with judge
5:45 pm
jeanine. how do the kids have stand to go sue, because you can always disinherit your kids, so they might not be able to inherit? >> it will be a mazing if the judge decides these kids have stand to go sue to stop their father from adopting -- by the way, he's already adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend. they can say we didn't have notice, but the most important point here is they can say it's a fraud on the court. any time you say to a judge, it's a fraud on the court, you sometimes cut through the veil of what the slaw. >> gregg: the judge gets really excited. >> but plus you know what? i used to do adoptions and i said to myself what, do you do, a home study? do you see if it's safe for the adopted kid? it's absurd and ridiculous. this is the intersection of adoption law, probate law, trust law, estate law. >> gregg: why is he doing this. >> why do you think he's doing it? money, money, money. there is $300 million in the trust. she automatically is entitled to
5:46 pm
one third because she's 42 years old and has access to the money. she says there is an agreement with her father now that she gets 5%, which is 5 million of 100 million, and then she gets money every year. he's trying to keep the money from the family of the dead kid that he killed when he was driving drunk in his bentley in florida. >> gregg: i get he's trying to avoid that money going to the deceased family. can't he just marry his girlfriend? >> he certainly can marry his girlfriend, but that money -- remember, the trust fund -- >> gregg: the trust. >> the trust fund of 300 million, and he has many trust funds, cannot be invaded by the jury in the civil suit. so he's protecting this money from the jury, but getting a piece of the action from the daughter/girlfriend. now the judge has said, wait a minute. i don't like the way this
5:47 pm
sounds. you are trying to, i think, invade the trust. now i'm going to let the jury get into the trust for punitive damages. if this sounds confusing issues it is the here is the most interesting question, can he be prosecuted if he has sex with his adopted daughter? >> gregg: oh! >> but that's the d.a. in me. >> gregg: see, now i hadn't even thought about that. >> see? i told you, there is so many areas of law. the problem is that the kids can't get their money out of the trust now and he can get at least $100 million. i don't care what he says, he and his daughter/girlfriend, whatever she is, have an agreement on the side. >> gregg: money, sex, and adoption. i never thought of those three together, but that's amazing. you'll have a little bit more tonight. what else is coming up on your program? >> we're going to talk about what's going on with the caucuses, the politics, governor huckabee again, and the josh powell case. let's talk about that 911 operator. of course, the kids are buried today.
5:48 pm
>> gregg: why did it take 20 minutes for police to arrive? >> i'll tell you why it took 20 minutes -- 22 minute, because the 911 operator, as far as i'm concerned, was not doing his job. his job is to focus a caller and within one minute of that call, he had three important pieces of information. children, supervised visitation, gas and screaming. he could have sent the police right away, but you know what? he didn't think it was an emergency. so shame on him. he's got to live with it. >> gregg: a sad, sad story. judge jeanine, thanks very much. we'll be watching tonight. always do. >> thank you. >> gregg: don't forget you can catch "justice" with judge jeanine right here on the fox news channel. check it out. heather? >> heather: good stuff. we'll tune in. we are awaiting the results of the maine caucuses. as you just heard judge jeanine talk about that. why today's contest could have a different outcome from every other race that we've seen so far. plus is your doctor telling you the whole truth? you may be surprised to discover exactly how many doctors
5:49 pm
actually lie to their patients and why.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
>> heather: alarming new study finds that some doctors
5:53 pm
apparently routinely lie to their patients. >> gregg: can you believe that? a doctor would lie to his patient. marcus welby would never do that. more than half of doctors say they deliberately put on a positive spin when delivering bad news and that some never even admit to their own medical snakes. dr. steven lamb is a practicing internist, faculty member at new york university school of medicine, contributor to the daily. you ever lied to a patient? >> i can tell you that i have not been brutally honest with certain patients and i think -- >> gregg: really? why? >> i think there are certain areas where being brutally honest is not really the best interest of the patient. since my mission really involves being compassionate, being sensitive, being empathic and there are times where it's inappropriate to tell the patient the honest truth -- >> gregg: give me an example. >> a person will come in and they could be seriously depressed and very anxious, they
5:54 pm
may not be able to handle the absolute truth about their illness at that moment in time. over time, of course the true has to come out and it's an obligation of the physician to do so. the area where lies are completely unacceptable, okay, or once again, conflict of interest where you don't tell a patient that you're a speaker for a company, which is fine, most patients couldn't care about that anyway. or if you made a mistake and you don't admit to that, that's not the kind of lie that's in the best interest of the patient. >> heather: this is where you differentiate between a lie of omission and a lie of commission. >> being brutally honest is not the best -- if an older person comes in and says, i'm getting old and i'm really ugly. do you want me to actually say to this person, you're right? that's not in the best interest of the patient! that's not even honorable. i looked at the hip cratic oath in preparation for this and it said doctors need to know when
5:55 pm
to be aggressive, when not to be aggressive, patient privacy, very important. not to have sex with their patients. nowhere does it say you have to be brutally honest. it may not be in the best interest of the patient. i think a lot of this stuff comes from a deterioration in the doctor-patient relationship. when you have had a long-term relationship with a patient, the doctor knows what the patient really wants. the other thing is, when you go to a new doctor, why did you tell him, i want you to be brutally honest, if i have pancreatic cancer, tell me that right away. >> heather: it's the patient's responsibility to get their doctor to be honest? >> absolutely. say that to me. i want to know every drug company that you speak for. i want you to tell me the brutally honest -- >> gregg: but the patient is not that sophisticated. >> so the doctor has to really try to understand and have that relationship with the patient. the mission is to improve the overall wellness of the patient. the number of times that the doctor should be dishonest with a patient really could be on
5:56 pm
a -- this is not routine health care. but there are times where the -- it's in the patient's best interest. >> gregg: dr. steven lamb, difficult subject. thank you. >> brutally difficult sum. and embarrassing. to hear it 20% of the doctors are lying about this and that. but i know that there is no seasoned physician who is not avoided telling the complete truth to patients. >> gregg: lawyers would be a different subject entirely. we don't even want to go there. thanks very much. >> my pleasure. >> heather: thank you. that does it for us. we expect the tallies of the main caucus when is arrest they will neville and eric sean take photographer for the next hour. stay tuned for that. >> gregg: we will see you back here tom at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. have a great weekend, everybody. >> heather: see you.
5:57 pm
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